Stylish Prada Bags for Australia’s Fashionistas

If you have always lusted after iconic luxury accessories from afar, Lulu Fashion is here to make your designer dreams a reality. With a wealth of preloved high end products lining the pages of our online shop, you can now enjoy all the perks of owning authentic items from some of the world’s most famous fashion houses without spending big to get them. Our selection of pre owned Prada bags for sale are certified genuine, in great condition and discounted to prices that many Australian’s have only dreamed of. We are here for the budget savvy and fashion conscious people among us, those who want to rock the world’s most sought after brands in an affordable way. This is it.

Authentic second hand options at your fingertips

There’s no denying that designer brands are recognisable even to those of us who may not be as in tune with the fashion world. This distinctive look is what gives these names such a huge edge in the industry- they are iconic and known for certain features or styles that become timeless and highly sought after. Our range of Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada bags for sale achieve this level of sophistication and luxury without making you pay the price for it.

What we offer you

When we started Lulu Fashion in 2013, there were a few pivotal values that we sought to bring to our shopping experience; authenticity, reliability and affordability. To ensure that we continuously stand by these standards, every item stocked on our website is confirmed by our team of staff to be a genuine product, ensuring that you receive the best every single time. We apply this same method to the basic wear of the product, listing on the page all the marks and faults that are noticeable due to its second hand nature.

Of course, as one of the first retailers of pre owned Prada handbags in Australia, affordability is something we stand by, knowing that our customers want superb quality products for highly discounted prices. This all comes together to allow for a seamlessly exceptional service that allows people across the country to enjoy big name brands for small prices.

Browse our extensive collection of second hand Prada items for sale today in our online store.

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